My Favorite Things

1. Riding my bike really fast downhill
2. Receiving letters and packages in the mail
3. Raw cookie dough
4. Snuggling with someone special
5. Solo dance parties in my underwear
6. Hot chocolate on a chilly day
7. An afternoon of good television and munchies
8. Kisses on both cheeks, European-style
9. Long talks with my mom
10. Stars
11. New York City
12. Listening to my iPod on full blast
13. Singing in the shower
14. Dying my hair
15. The ocean and the beach
16. Traveling by car
17. Taking extremely long walks
18. Petting cute dogs out on the sidewalk (especially Corgis)
19. Playing with new eye make-up
20. Making a hearty breakfast- BACON!
21. Family game night
22. Hugs from strangers
23. Laughing so hard my stomach hurts
24. Hermit crabs
25. Piano ballads
26. Sleeping in
27. Lake Tahoe in the summer
28. My former roommates: Telaia, Patrick and Briana (and Petrie)
29. Surprising crescendos in music
30. 45 minute showers
31. Cheesy rom-coms with happy endings
32. Runner’s high
33. My ridiculously charming boyfriend, Steve
34. Fireworks
35. The smell of rain
36. Netflix
37. Having my little sister paint my fingernails
38. San Francisco

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