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I spent the last couple of days trying to mentally sort through the tragedies that occurred this week, feeling utterly hopeless. Thursday night, I read the status updates from a former co-worker who was at the Dallas Black Lives Matter peace rally when shots were fired (thankfully, she’s safe). I reflected on the multiple times I’ve been racially discriminated against. I stayed glued to my phone, listening and reading various platforms, getting the facts and hearing other’s stories. I deleted friends on social media who had negative things to say and write. But in the end, I know that my actions alone are not enough.

A serious conversation needs to happen. A conversation about racism in the United States, police brutality and gun control, spoken about all in one breath- and it needs to happen between everyone: politicians, law enforcement, community leaders, families, friends and neighbors. I hate that people are trying to make this an either/or. We can support the good cops who serve our communities and mourn for their loss while still demanding justice be served to the bad cops who kill people of color and steal lives for no good reason. We can be anti-violence across the board.

I don’t have the answers even though I desperately wish that I did. In the meanwhile, I encourage everyone to stay 1) kind to one another and 2) informed while supporting the following organizations and charities:

(And if you need some happiness to help lift spirits, I highly recommend this hashtag on Twitter.)

Stay safe, dear reader. Peace and love.