Day One of My Happiness Journey

I’m trying to build more solid, positive habits in my life. Yes, change is good. Moving in with the man friend in two weeks. Getting out of my comfort zone with stage acting. Going to the gym at least thrice a week. Taking my multivitamin every day. Reading the front section of the New York Times. I have a lot going on these next couple of months and I feel like now, more than ever, is the perfect time to start living consciously, playing a more active role in my health, wealth and happiness, instead of simply just waiting for everything to fall into place.

It’s difficult, trying to change for the better. After a long day at work, I always want to stuff my face and retreat to my bedroom (so long exercise plan and social life!). It’s easy to get stressed and lose your natural happy with work or relationships, especially when you have an established routine (or if you’re trying to build one) and all the stress  that builds up behind it. I don’t do enough stepping back and looking at the happy, good things in my life.

A friend on Facebook started posting every day the things that make her especially happy. She posts a status or picture of something small that makes her smile, “the best things in life are the small ones.” So, I’m going to do the same- 30 days of happiness. Of finding happiness in everything, not just the little things. Making sure that I do find that something every day…

Day One: It’s my fourth favorite thing in world behind sleeping, bike riding and doing the “something something…” I love receiving letters in the mail and vice versa. At least once a month, I take an evening to sit down and write my friends little notes before sending them off with pretty stamps glued to the envelope. Letter writing may be outdated but I know that my loved ones appreciate them. We send each other advice and words of encouragement, and so when we’re miles upon miles apart, we still feel close. I received a letter from my former Brooklyn roommate, Telaia. Her words were kind and soothing and for a brief moment, I laid in bed and fondly looked back on my time in the Big Apple. Oh, the magic of friendship and a good pen…


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