Loving Your Body Just the Way It Is

Since the middle of last year, I’ve been hitting the gym. It has taken a long time to like that I see in the mirror but I’m just about there. So when I was asked why I go to the gym so often, I say that I just want to be stronger. No need to tone- I like being curvy with soft hips. It’d just be cool to lift really heavy stuff with ease, like a 200 barbell.

Even though I feel better about my body and self image every day, I still get down on myself sometimes for not looking “ideal.” In trying to morph this negative thinking into something positive, I’ve been reading other women’s tips on how to reverse their thoughts. Spark People asked a group of women of all shapes and ages, ”What is one body part you can feel grateful for, love and appreciate, no matter what size and shape it is right now, and why?” This got me thinking about appreciation rather obessession. What if we were thankful for what we have rather than obsessed over what we wanted and didn’t have. Below are some comments from Sparks People women about what they love most about their bodies…

1. ”I love my legs because although they don’t look like anything special, they carry me through my days without fail.”

2. ”I love my smile. People tell me I light up a room with it, and it makes others feel welcome and cared for.”

3. “I love and am grateful for my ears because they allow me to enjoy my greatest passion, which is music and sound!”

4. “I love my stomach. It kept my twin babies warm and secure until they were ready to enter this world.”

5. ”I love my arms. Even at 65 years old, I still wear sleeveless shirts without feeling self-conscious.”

As for me, I’m particularity fond of my nose (it looks especially cute with a stud it in) and smile (I finally like my jagged rows of teeth), my breasts (because boobs are just AWESOME) and fingers (they allow me to type and grip my bicycle handlebars), and my small waist (Sir Mix-A-Lot wrote a song about me) and muscular calves (even though I can’t fit them into tall boots, my legs look damn good in heels and low top Chuck Taylors). I know I don’t look perfect but hey, I’m healthy and pretty happy. And that’s something to be grateful for.

What do you love about your body, dear reader, and how to you celebrate it?


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