A Love Letter to the Passing Year

Dear 2014,

The first movie I saw this year, your year, was “the Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” I sat in the theatre, memorized by the moving storyline of a man who constantly daydreamed and was too scared to make moves and big changes in his life. I left the cinema feeling particular inspired and decided to use the message of the movie as motivation for the new year. And what a year it was…

It started off with a position at a local paper; a position that I hated and was going nowhere. Out the blue, my current executive director called asking for help and eventually offered me an opportunity that I was happy to accept. A week later, I turned 28 and had the best birthday of my life, surrounded by friends, chocolate ganache cupcakes and tequila. A month before, I ended a fling that should have never happened to begin with and I wished on my birthday candles to meet someone awesome. Four days after my birthday, a cute fellow called me a “grammar Nazi” on OKCupid and asked me out. We met up for drinks and I was convinced that he didn’t like me. But we met again for a second date and I let him duct tape me to a wall in his apartment. I knew by our third date that I wanted to be his girlfriend and a little over a month later, we both told each other that we loved each other. A million and one adventures later with my beloved Steve…

The year progressed with me kicking ass at work, designing and laying out the biggest project that I ever completed. The July Artown festival came and went- it was a lot of work and stressful at times but it was a fun learning experience. My job has provided me with different fortuities- I met so many people who adore my organization and have a sincere desire to bring the arts to northern Nevada. I finally have health insurance (!). I pitched the idea of using new software and am now teaching myself how to use it. Above all else, I work with the most amazing women. They are my family. This was also the year that I was determined to complete my undergraduate degree. I did extremely well in one class and not so well in another but I’m so happy to be only one class away from my degree.

Of course, everything hasn’t been ideal but that’s life. You can only look back to reflect and learn. But to kind of quote Ice Cube, it’s been a good year. There was so much good music- I’ve become obsessed with EDM (like I couldn’t love Diplo anymore). I finally bought a gym membership and I didn’t go to my ten year high school reunion (which I’m glad I didn’t attend). I got my nose repierced and a diamond inked on my finger. I’m on my way to getting my driver’s license. A friend suggested I audition for a play. I did so and landed one of the leading roles. I hosted fun brunches and dinner parties- good times with friends; good times. Oh, and friends- I went to five weddings this year. Keep them coming…

As I write this, the last entry of the 20Something for the 2014, I listen to the “Walter Mitty” soundtrack. The music inspires me as I think about next year and how great it’s going to be. My one wish for 2015 to continue to be brave and live the life that I want to live. It’s time to step outside. Step outside

Thanks for everything, 2014. I have loved you dearly.


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