Flip the Switch

It’s been a rough week. I had my final on Monday, found out that an overly jealous ex is spreading nasty rumors and I’m beyond stressed with all the Christmas gifting I still need to complete. After heading back into the office Monday afternoon, I wanted to throw the biggest pity party for myself and invite everyone to join in my misery. Fortunately before I sent out the invitations, my educative director, Beth, called me into her office and asked me what was wrong. I explained to her my troubles and how I really disliked my life at the moment. Beth, with her soft South African accent, sat me down and shared some maternal wisdom, telling me that I needed to flip my switch.

Flipping the switch- what does that mean? It means, turning that frown upside. Turning a negative into a positive. Making the best out of any situation. I will admit that I’m terrible at doing that as I like to bathe in my own misery. But what happens when you make that shift and start looking up? You realize that things are not so bad and that you can fix things. You can make positive change happen. It may take a while to fix but in the meantime, you know that things are good and that life is pretty great!

So, how did I make that switch? I may have not done well on that final but hey! The tough school semester is finally over (!!!) and in next semester- my final semester- I will study harder and get that A+. I blocked and finally deleted my Reddit account where I read those rumors- it was about time I got off that site anyway. There are more important things to do than waste precious time on scandalous websites (and after deleting, my entire body felt lighter!). I may have missed out on decorating the Christmas tree but the presents that I’m giving my loved ones this year are amazing! I’m excited to share them- this is going to be one hell of a Christmas.

When life gets tough, dear reader, how do you flip the switch?


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