A Slice of Courage: Shonda Rhimes

My friends are obsessed with “Grey’s Anatomy.” My sister raves about “Scandal.” As much as I tried, I cannot get into these shows. But I still love the shows’ creator, Shonda Rhimes. When I was in high school, I dabbled with the idea of going to film school. If I stuck out with that dream, I would hope to have a career like Rhimes’- or at least to work for her. She proves that hard work does pay off; that sometimes, a “no” is the best thing you can hear; and a creative mind is the greatest thing you can own.

As I think about the new year and the things I want to achieve in 2105, I go back to a poignant cartoon with Rhimes’ words of wisdom. Life is about working hard, not dreaming. I will admit- I am a HUGE dreamer, and it’s true that dreams can point us in the right direction but dreams can only do so much. Once you know the way down that path, you have to start walking.

Here’s to all you walkers- all you doers- working hard to make great things happen.


One thought on “A Slice of Courage: Shonda Rhimes

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