A Vegas State of Mind

Raise your hand if you knew that April is National Stress Awareness Month. Who knew! This month has been an impressively busy one for me, with stress being the king of my castle. I wake up; squeeze in a quick workout;  go to work; bike to class; go home to finish homework; eat dinner with friends; host a meeting planning a feminist march this autumn; write both a freelance piece and a blog post; then, enjoy a nightcap with the boyfriend- whew! By the end of the week, I’m exhausted and all I want to do is spend the weekend in bed, catching up on sleep. Sleeping all day isn’t the most realistic option but this girl needs to relax at the end of a hectic week.

Vegas.com recently asked me about my ‘Vegas State of Mind”- what do I do to relax and unwind. People go to Vegas to let loose (oh, how I remember the crazy tourists from my youth while living down in Las Vegas). I’m the kind of girl who lives for the weekend. I try my best to avoid my computer and now that the weather is gorgeous, I spent most of Saturday and Sunday outside with friends. Whether it’s spending all day reading the latest copy of “Vogue” on a sandy beach up at Lake Tahoe or riding my bike for a quick minute around the neighborhood, it’s the simple things that make me feel at ease. During normal weekdays, when I have a free moment, I kick off my shoes and catch up on “the Americans” and my favorite fashion blogs. When my body is begging to be active, I crank up Zedd and some Britney and have a solo dance party in my bedroom- dancing is my favorite way to keep my energy up and the endorphins kicking.

Even though I love my active life, I’m always planning my next vacation- whether it’s a quick road trip to San Francisco for a day or two or organizing a trip to New York City this Thanksgiving. Even though I don’t make it out to Vegas often, a piece of me wouldn’t mind lounging by the pool in a ritzy casino or spending a good chunk of my paycheck in some of the fabulous shops along the Strip (after all, a new pair of SJP slingbacks would look good my dancing feet as I boogie my stress away).

What do you do, dear reader, to unwind? With whatever you do, I hope this month (as well as this year) isn’t too stressful on you.

This post is written in part with Vegas.com. Thank you for reading and supporting 20Something’s posts! #LetLoose2014 


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