Too Big to Fit It All In

What the hell happened? It’s only March but I feel like my life just took a 180 from the way things were a month ago. Within the last three weeks, I moved into cute, new house with an awesome new roommate. Work has slowly picked up and I still am penning for my own blog and others. I started a new writing project with a Philly friend, transcribing stories of mental health. I just joined a gym and have added more volunteer hours to my already sleepless schedule. Plus there are friends, new and old, to always hang out with. And did I also mention that I’m dating someone?little-miss-busy1

Yeah, my life is crazy but for some reason, I’m still not satisfied. Part of me still feels incredibly lazy. I know I can do more. A LOT more. Summer is approaching and I’m already mentally planning how much cello lessons, riverside bike rides and Aces baseball games I can squeeze in this season. But really- does my life have to be this big and hectic? Do I really have to do this much? Why do I keep adding in more activities (especially when it’s clearly making me sick, as I suffered through the flu the last two weeks)? Why do I only feel a sense of relief when I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut-off? Is being that insanely busy making me insanely happy?

I recently read this article about those in my generation and their constant need to keep going-going-gone. Have we really forgot how to relax? Whatever happened to “il dolce far niente” –the sweetness of doing nothing? It’s that perception that the busier we are- the harder we work to seize every opportunity- the successful we will be. But is that the truth?

I hope that you, dear reader, are finding the time to breathe and relax. If you’re not doing so, ask yourself, “why not?” Are you happy being that busy? I hope you’re enjoying the spring sunshine and the warming air with your loved ones. Stop and smell those roses because in a moment, your neighbor’s going to prune those bushes. Remember to take time for yourself and enjoy those wonderful little things- like the purr of a cat. I’m hopping off the computer now so I can pet and snuggle with Petrie.


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