What is YOUR Rule?

Oh, the wonders of the you, Internet. You keep me from getting homework done and regularly updating my blog posts. But when it comes time to being creative, writing something noteworthy and I’m going through series of brain farts, you bring me inspiration in ways I never thought could be possible.

Thanks to StumbleUpon, I found this keen little site, TheOneRule.com, where readers submit in the one rule they live their life by. Sure, it’s hard to pinpoint one single rule so this site gives clever suggestions about things from finding the love of your life to being incredibly happy. So this week I ask you, dear reader, what is YOUR rule?

And my rule? La vie est belle. (Life is beautiful- it just sounds better in French). Life is beautiful, in its quirky way. I try to remind myself of this often, with all the twists and turns, ups and downs I have experienced. Oh, you are quite wonderful, Life…


Your Girl is a Renegade…

“Look up/ Rain is falling/ Looks like love…” -LOOK UP by Stars

I’m a pretty angry person despite my great efforts to hide this rage. I’m not one for arguing and picking fights with anyone around me. During these bitter times, I want to hole up in my bedroom and throw stuffed animals, scream loud into my pillow. Most of times, my anger is directed at myself, often times for making a foolish decision or for saying something the wrong thing at the wrong time. I struggle with self-confidence most of all- I am that girl who brutally questions each stretch marks that magically appear on her thigh, feels stupid when some asks her to spell “picnic” (it’s not spelt “picnick,” silly me), cannot have a proper conversation with her father without crying and hanging up on him (and feels terribly guilty hours later about doing so). I get painfully jealous of my friends with the thoughtful boyfriends who make them soup when ill, friends with their stellar dream jobs, who have adorable babies bouncing on their laps.

Jealous streak aside, I won’t be the first to admit that I struggle with this anger (and other miserable emotions) all the time. I hurt with events from my past; decisions about school, the men I pursue intimate relationships with, my cloudy and unknown future (and a thousand more things). True, these struggles is a part of life. Not every day can be filled with bright rainbows and glittering unicorns. These hardships are a part of life. I once heard that each struggle we face, every ounce of pain we feel bears a rare fruit. Those are precious tokens that are earned with bravery. Further down the road of our lives, we have the strength and courage to look at this single (or many) event that caused us so much turmoil and smile at how much we grown because of it. Consider it as a big present, wrapped up in pretty paper and curling ribbons. At the time, we may want to scream and run away from the situation but if you can manage to remember that this one moment will help you grow as a person and see the good in the bad, why not just embrace it?

I think it comes down to this- Accepting that pain is a part of life and being happy for the struggles that you go through. It’s about giving yourself those little daily affirmations such as- Sure, today is awful but tomorrow could truly be better. Okay, So-and-so has that amazing job but I can work my ass off and succeed at whatever I want to do (even if tomorrow, I decide to change my career choice). As I’m write this 20Something entry, I’m G-Chating with my good friend about our families and the holidays and the stress that comes with combining those two factors.  My anger flares up, thinking about making everyone happy and trying to keep promises I don’t want to keep. But then I remember that this little moment of rage and depression is a small gift. It’s time to be positive, for there are good things around the corner despite the crying fits and break-ups.  Wear your heart on your sleeve and chin up, buttercup. It’s not all bad.

Love Letters to You

When I lived in Brooklyn, I’d leave love letters on the subway. I’d tuck them between the cracks in the seats with high hopes that someone would be curious enough to open one up and have their day get a tad bit brighter. These letters were nothing of the romantic sort- they were more of the inspiring kind. I wrote words of hope; telling the reader that they’re positively amazing and special; that they are going to change the world for the better and that somewhere out in the vast, wide world, someone adores them- heart, body, mind and soul. Now that I live on the West Coast, I tape Post-It notes to random bathroom mirrors with the same warm fuzzies and good intentions I had in NYC.

Yup, you’re PERFECT

This week’s posting is a different kind. I’m excited and honored to have twenty plus followers (!!!). So dear followers, I invite you to a challenge: This week, write a love letter (or Post-It) to a stranger and leave it in a public place. Maybe (and discreetly) stick around to see if someone picks it up and walks away with a huge smile on their face. Tell your friends about this task and encourage them to leave letters themselves. Please feel free to share your experience in the comment section below and let’s spread some love around.

Laws of the Modern Woman

Happy September, everyone!

I know that there are many aspects that make a woman a woman and I always wondered why there isn’t a rule book on how to be a fantastic one. There are plenty of self-help guides telling us how to get the guy or how to dress for success/ the night on the town but that’s it?

I found this great website- Laws of the Modern Woman (lawsofmodernwoman.tumblr.com). The site lists clever quotes and practical advice I think all current, worldly women should follow. Below, I put some of my favorite tidbits and I encourage you, dear reader, to check out the blog and suggest your own advice on how to be a woman (or a man).

Now, I’m off to teach myself how to change a car tire.