My New Life Motto

When I die, I would like to be remembered as being a sweetheart- a person is kind-hearted and lovely to be around, someone who is always helps and is a good friend and partner to all.

With that said, I found on Tumblr my new life motto and rule to live by: My goal in life is make everyone look like an asshole.

Now, I’m off to go live it.


Look Up!

My masterpiece- drawn in Sharpie in the arts building on the UNR campus (the first floor ladies room, second stall).

Just another way I’m living and loving my life…

Thoughts from San Francisco

“Be empty- not like the bowl put away in the cupboard but like the bowl on the counter, cereal box above, waiting to receive. Situate yourself in the middle of fertile hub and prepare to consort with new playmates, unexpected adventures and interesting blessings.” -Author Unknown

This past weekend, I had a much needed break from my reality and took the Greyhound to visit a friend staying in San Francisco. The trip/ mini-vacation turned out better than I expected. I guess I needed to be reminded how much I am loved and how to feel alive again (being in a big city does that to me).  I met wonderful people- I actually extended my trip an extra day because of one them.  So many lessons were learned and re-discovered during this adventure- things like this…

  • Don’t be afraid of others. Be open to meeting new people. Stop being so shy- and when timidness comes to play, have a shot of Jameson. (Also, be open to eating new foods. Mashed potato cakes with friend eggs, HP sauce and brown sugared coffee is wonderfully delicious. A breakfast must-have.)
  • Always remember to be kind and gracious- to the people that you meet and the situations you find yourself in. These things may happen for a reason. Being a little too generous is probably a good thing, as well (Who just randomly offers to drive a stranger to Napa Valley for free? But at the same time, it is perfectly okay not to accept a kiss from a bearded Italian fellow.) Everyone, no matter what, deserve kindness in some small way.
  • Goodbyes hurt but somehow, one must manage to keep that person alive in their heart. Who knows- you might see them again sometime soon.
  • I need to start saving money to start TRAVELING. (I’m adding Ireland to the places I need to explore before I reach 30.)
  • Shoes break apart. Sweaters get lost at random houses. But it’s all okay. They are just things.
  • Things don’t last forever so make the most of them. I think about my time here in Reno, and it’s spent most of the time alone in my bedroom or tucked in between the stacks at the university library. This is boring. This even sounds boring, Life should be an adventure. Create and live out stories to share. People make it in even worse situations; Reno isn’t hell, despite my lonely, broke times. At least, I’m not homeless. I know that things aren’t in my favor and I’m not living my ideal situation but I need to stop feeling sorry for myself all the time.  I know that I’m the maniac pixie dream girl; the woman, despite being in her late twenties, has and will live many lifetimes. I just need to start living it.
  • And in regards to spending more time than I should in my bedroom, I need to stop being so lazy and more proactive. At least once a week, I mentally replay the time my journalism professor, Paul Mitchell, told me that I could be one of the school’s top students- I just was (and still am)  too lazy. Hm… Look at the people you love and admire- they just didn’t sit on their asses all day.
  • Give out more hugs and kisses on the cheek.
  • And don’t be afraid to graffiti the bathroom walls in the Arts Building.

I’ll Be There for You

“The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend.” ~Henry David Thoreau

How do you make a friend? This has been the question I’ve been asking myself for the past few weeks. Part of me wants to phone my six-year-old sister, who is one of the more popular kids on the kindergarten playground (yes, the girl has three ‘boyfriends’- she should be dictating my love life). I remember how simple it was to walk up to a fellow elementary schooler, give her a hug and run together to the nearest swing set. Now, it would be pretty creepy to tackle a stranger with a bear hug and grab them by the hand to frolic off into the sunset but when one is feeling alone- that awful kind of alone- I wouldn’t mind running up behind someone zombie style in order to find some sort of companion comfort.

I have always been secretly envious of those who manage to surround themselves with wonderful people all the time. From the popular cliché girls I tried to mimic in high school to the drunk babes dancing in the middle of dance floor surrounded by thirty of their besties, I could never understand how what moves and hints they use to get people to flock to them. Granted, I’m okay with a pocketful of buddies- women to invite to dinner parties, trips shopping and to the cinema and have some girlie bonding time with (and perhaps a fellow to simply snuggle with). But I’m still perplexed- after reaching out to a bunch of different friends via text message and never hearing back from them, I’m wondering if I did something wrong.

Sad enough, I spent the last hours on WikiHow, looking up how to make friends (Rule #1, the site states: spend more time around people.)  I guess this all means getting out of my all-around comfort zone (and I did so- I joined a softball team this past week even though I’m terrible at sports). Maybe friends come around when you least expect it, like the way love does. New friends and old. The ones you haven’t spoken to in years. The ones that are ‘too busy’ to hang. The ones at the market looking for someone goofy to have dance parties with. The ones that want to road trip and have crazy adventures. You just have to keep an open heart and mind. Put your best face forward and show everyone that you care and are worth spending some time with.

Are you a good friend?