30 Before 30

I’m awesome!

I love my friends. They make me laugh when I’m down; have silly dances with me on the subway platform; inspire me when my life feels lackluster. One of these lovelies is the blogger/rock star/future nurse Courtney Law, who has challenged herself to complete 30 goals before her thirtieth birthday. I’ve taken note and have accepted that same challenge for myself, attempting to check off a list of my own before I reach March 5, 2016. Life’s meant to be lived and living is what I will do. (I’ll keep y’all updated on these endeavours.)

1. Receive my undergraduate degree
2. Skydive
3. Go on a Alaskan cruise with Mom
4. Become a Big Brother Big Sister mentor
5. Maneuver a skateboard without falling
6. Get a matching tattoo with Mom
7. Get my driver’s license
8. Get a motorcycle license
9. See the Aurora Borealis
10. Run a marathon
11. Learn the complete dance from ‘Thriller’
12. Go to Burning Man
13. Join Toastmasters and deliver a kick-ass speech
14. Swim with seals
15. Surf in Costa Rica
16. Knit a blanket for myself
17. Have sex in a public place
18. Run in the Run-A-Muck race
19. Take a cross-country road trip with my friends
20. Learn how to fence
21. Move back to New York City
22. Have a conversation with my Nana in Spanish
23. Name a star after myself
24. Write my memoirs
25. Try out for ‘American Idol’
26. Sleep on the beach
27. Walk across hot coals
28. Host dinner parties for friends
29. Leave happy post-it notes on bathroom mirrors every week
30. Pay off the debt that originated in Reno, NV


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