What is the CRAZIEST Thing You’ve Done Lately?

“Take a chance, you stupid hoe!” -Gwen Stefani

Several months ago, there was an article written about one’s happiness and how Facebook affected it. I don’t know about you but Facebook has been depressing me lately. I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not I should permanently delete my account. As great as Facebook is for staying in touch with friends from my distant past, living faraway in distant lands, it has become painful to see people live out their dreams of obtaining their ideal careers, becoming wives and mothers and just all around have these incredible lives. I look through everyone’s pages and wonder why my life doesn’t match up to theirs. I know that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others but why is everyone living out their fantasies and I’m not?

What are the things that you only dare to dream about? Or what crazy stories your lips are dying to speak fondly of? Last week, I listened to a friend describe in detail how he smuggled illegal substances out of South America. Whether that story was true (and I have every reason to believe so), it made me think about a secret fantasy I’ve always had: stealing rare and vintage cars like Angelina Jolie’s character in “Gone in Sixty Seconds.” Yes, I know that stealing is illegal but I’ve always imagined the adrenaline rush that would bring. Nevertheless, I am not a risk taker. With the few exception of making plans with random people off the internet (and being constantly stood up), I play my life safe. As much as I want to blame my lack of both funds and friends, it’s that feeling of fear that holds me back from creating that I want, a kind of life that I think is worth living.

I once heard that we are only born fearing two types of things: loud noises and falling. Everything else that we’re afraid of, we learned to fear. By facing our fears we can be free of them. What things could we accomplish if that panic button was removed from our bodies? What would your life be like if you were known as the person who wasn’t afraid of anything?

Beginning next week, I challenge you readers to break free from your ordinary. Sure, we can’t escape from things like school and work commitments but it’s time to give something new a try. Turn off that reality show garbage and that constant updating of your status on Gmail. Exit your office through the back entrance and get lost in the surrounding neighborhood. Start saving for that month-long backpacking adventure through the Andes. Hand stranger a cute note while on the subway. Dive in your neighbor’s pool in the middle of the night (I’m hopping my neighbor’s gate tonight to do so). Reinvention is beautiful. No man should be bound to the chains of convention and rules. It’s never too late to start a new chapter in your life novel, a chapter worth reading. You just may see me on the news for boosting a Ferrari 275GTB4 one of these days.