It’s Resolution Time!

In last month’s issue of the ‘Bloomberg Businessweek,’ New York City cupcake baker, David Arrick, was featured for introducing ‘manly’ but delicious creations to the ever-demanding public (and trust me- his whiskey cakes with banana buttercrème frosting are worth the high delivery price).

Arrick started off as a real estate attorney and was eventually laid off at the beginning of the current recession. After observing how locals and visitors were going gaga for some infamous, Manhattan baked goods, he thought about creating cupcakes that catered strictly to the male demographic. Creating such flavors as beer and bacon cupcakes, he started his company in the kitchen of his apartment and hired help off of Craigslist. In the article, Arrick explains that he was convinced that his newfound business ‘was going to fail’ but he continued to try to make it work. And now look where he’s at: owning a successful company with a reality show in the works and a future bakery opening in the West Village.

Okay, your 2011 resolution might not be a masculine cupcake baker. But what is it? Is it something that you can truly accomplishment here, in the now? And if this goal is so important for you to accomplish, why did you want until this long to start putting it to action?! One of my good guy friends has told me this: “Resolutions are just things that we pose to ourselves to get ourselves over the proverbial hump of a new year. If you were serious about bettering yourself, you wouldn’t have waited until a new year to start doing whatever it was you set out to do for yourself.”

What Jonny said to me brings me to this: My dad has always told me that, today is the first day of the rest of your life. It took me a long time to figure out what that meant but now I understand that you can always change your life whenever ever you want to. Don’t wait for the new year to do so. If you want to be braver tomorrow, wake up with courage. Feeling like you need to be a bit more friendlier? Throw a smile to an unexpected stranger out on the street. Like sweets and giving tooth aches? Become the next manly baker (and open up a restaurant next to my place, please). Don’t make an excuse for becoming a new and better person.

(And what is my resolution for 2011, you may ask? Well, to quote Tolstoy, “If you want to be happy, be.” It’s plain and simple, everyone: I just want to be happy.)


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