A Love Letter to the Passing Year

Dear 2010,

You are over. And I am over you. Not that you haven’t been good to me. I’m just ready to start fresh. You’re like an old pair of jeans. I’ve worn you every day, making your fabric soft and comfortable. I split crap all over you, torn you at the knees but I could wash you anew. You have made me feel good and confident. But like every other article of clothing I grow out of, you need to be trashed. Or maybe used as pieces for my memory quilt.

2010; you have taught me many lessons. 2010; you deserve so much praise.

As you know, we didn’t get along in the beginning. I hated you from the beginning and was already wishing for 2011 to begin. I was lonely and sad, feeling trapped by my emotional condition and physical surroundings. You dumped piles of snow on the ground (and forced me to learn basic first aid when I got hit by a car). But you made up for it by convincing my boss to hire an unqualified me in February. Thanks to my work, I have met some terrific individuals who share my passion for Tim Burton and literature. I never read so many books (for pleasure) in my entire life (once again, gracias to my employer). My once empty home library will receive the gift of an added bookshelf once I find one tall enough at Goodwill. Oh yeah, and the paychecks are nice, too.

Thank you for the beautiful springtime and summer. You allowed me to travel and see things I’ve only dreamed of seeing. My first walk across the Brooklyn Bridge was unbelievable; unbelievably chilly and tourist-y. But I was still thrilled to do it. The fall was wonderful, too. You produced beautiful tree dumps; the leaves a vivid crimson, amber and gold. Some of my best bicycling adventures occurred during then. Thank you for surrounding me with such beauty.

Thank you for churning out another fabulous round of music and movies. Okay, I can’t stand Justin Bieber and the second “Sex in the City” movie was awful but I had the privilege of learning about new tunes and attending a concert every month. When people say that they love music, I never understood the depth of their feeling towards it. “DUH! Of course, everyone loves music,” I would think to myself. But now I get it. Thanks to you, I love music.I don’t think I would be where I am right now without music.

With regards to films, we female moviemakers rejoiced with glee when Kathryn Bigelow won best director in March for ‘the Hurt Locker.’ Freaking, bloody finally. Thank you, 2010. Seeing her win makes me feel hopeful about my own dreams and my future/budding career.

With surprise in my eyes and a heavy heart, I learned who my true friends were— To my friends who stuck by my side throughout my depression, mental instability and drunken midnight phone calls, I love you more than you would ever know. You all mean the absolute world to me. Thanks to Craigslist, I met my best friend (“THE STONES, MAN! THE FREAKING STONES!”) and now live with the most amazingly kind girls (which is a rare find indeed). And here’s to finding friends in the most unlikely of places… and befriending a woman old enough to my mother who graciously invited into her home and her life.

And I want to raise a glass to discovering that despite being slightly insane, my family is the most incredible group of people on the planet. Thanks to my aunt who reintroduced to Chinese food and my little cousins who made playing hours of Monopoly fun and extremely memorable (especially when they cheat). Mad love to my Nana Carmen. Seeing you hold the Christmas card I gave you up to your heart with tears streaming down your sweet face will be forever etched into my brain. I had no idea how much my visits meant to you. I promise to see you more often in 2011.

Because of you all, next year will be filled with more hugs and kisses, hand written love letters and voiced thank you’s.

Oh, the men of 2010. They came in drones this year, marching along to the beat of my heart in a single formation. They were too many to count this time around but I learned something valuable from them all. Thank you guys for teaching me that someone truly amazing and magical is worth waiting for; someone who will treat me with kindness and respect, who has manners and who won’t just look at me for the flesh between my legs. You all taught me to wait for a meaningful and real relationship where there’s love, not lust. And thank you for teaching me how keep my pants on.

Despite my many grand adventures, I regret not doing one. This is the first year since the age of eighteen I didn’t get pierced or inked. Sorry- I guess I have to make up for that one. Don’t worry, face. You will get another hole in you soon enough.

So, what does your successor hold, you ask dear 2010? I don’t know but I’m hoping for the best. I’m hoping for a new apartment to call home, new job that I actually love, new friends to hang out with and maybe a new wardrobe. 2011 will be the year that I will be bold and take more risks, especially with fashion (why care about people who hate on your footwear, anyway?).

And I will get the number of the blond hipster who volunteers at the library. Okay, I will at least learn his name.

2010, you were a  complete blast. But next year is going to be so much better (fingers are crossed). Thanks for the memories.

Lots of love, Andrea


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