Put on Your Dancing Shoes Already!

Shout out to one of my best friends, Sarah Ruth. On Tuesday afternoon, she sent me a text message reminding me to check out the lunar eclipse. I have to admit that I’m not the one to be wowed over by natural phenomenons, double rainbows and all (although I fell in love with Niagara Falls this past September). But I still woke up at three in the morning to take a peek at the rust-colored moon. Sarah often sends me these happy texts and letters, visually and verbally telling me to celebrate life’s little joys. Whether it is enjoying a morning cup of coffee in my favorite yellow mug or just being able to relax in front of the television for a few moments after a long day at work, these little events need to be rejoiced and praised.

But what does it mean to celebrate? I mean, to actually celebrate? To have a party? To get super drunk and take silly photos to post on Facebook later on that night? How about to get away? To sit somewhere tropical and exotic, drinking mai tais and mojitos while flirting with your scuba instructor? Maybe it’s to buy ourselves something extravagant, like an expensive pair of YSL boots. To many of us, it means ‘Let’s function less consciously. Let’s turn off. Let’s escape reality.” Some versions are worse than other but all of the above are imitations of celebrations.

Authentic celebrations is not so much escaping as it is coming back, not so much a lessening of the consciousness as it is a heightening of consciousness. To celebrate is to recreate, refresh and remake the spirit. It is to grow, rather than to go or get or grab. Yes, you may get that great pair of shoes but is that money spent really celebrating?

How much happier would our lives be/ will be when we say, “Come celebrate- let’s talk. Share with we me something new, something funny, something wise. Come celebrate- let’s listen to the wind and watch the night fall. Let’s spread out a blanket on the lawn and watch the waxing moon. Come celebrate- let’s dispel our loneliness, get someone bitter to laugh and smile. Dance to this pretty slow song with me. Let’s share ourselves with each other.”

Merry Christmas- celebrate the season, your family and your friends and your beautiful, precious life.


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