Steven Tyler said, “Dream On”

 A good friend of mine always talked about moving to New York City to attend a world renowned fashion school. At first, I thought this was a case of wishful thinking, something that we all do in order to get through that last final or a boring staff meeting with a yappity boss.  

With the type of person I am (and who many others are), I do the constant wishful thinking on a daily basis but do not put anything into action. I often decide to give up on things before I start because I imagine the failure that ‘will’ occur. Why should be we hurt by something we feel is insanely important that will kill ourselves if it crumble and fall?

No matter what your dreams, visions, goals, whatever are, baby steps are key and you need to give those little steps some muscle and determination. Don’t give up fighting the good fight. We all need to put all our efforts (mind, body and soul) into achieving what we set out to accomplish. It is only then when we will truly succeed and see all of our dreams come true. And as for my friend, she is taking those baby steps. She found a good paying job on Long Island and is patiently saving her cash, still dreaming out fashion school while taking up residency in New York state.

 So, dream on and follow your bliss.